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Global Power Solutions

Oil & Gas Power Solutions


Q-LSM Power Solution

Oil and Gas Power Solutions

Power Innovations can make rugged versions of any of our critical power systems. The rugged systems are protected against vibration, shock, corrosion, and contamination typical of shipboard or other marine environments. Our rugged systems ensure clean, reliable, and consistent power for critical systems even in the presence of a hostile environment.

The exact specifications of a ruggedized system are dependent on the needs of the customer. Many of our rugged systems are designed to be installed on ships or mobile drilling and exploration platforms that are constantly exposed to variable temperatures, high humidity, and salinity. All our systems are designed from dependable solid-state technology that has a high tolerance for inconsistent, poor quality power sources, such as a generator would provide. The rugged systems are enhanced with special shock and vibration protection, anti-corrosive coatings, and special environmental management systems. We have built special rugged systems that can be operated in environmental enclosures, such as Zone 2 explosive gas enclosures or marine containers for mounting on ship decks.


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Data Center Power Solutions


Q-LS Power Solution

Data Center Power Management

The value in a effective data center is delivered when customer data that is stored is both safe and available. Anytime access means literally that and so the source of guaranteed, reliable and spike-free power is crucial in meeting customer expectations and business promises.

Power Innovations is working on pioneering technology to help deliver quiet, efficient and eco-responsible power generation and storage systems to help supply the growing demand for data center capacity and performance.

Our power delivery and backup systems are often some of the hidden secrets in the data storage world as they are always out of site, protected and not really interfered with once they are commissioned. Our goal is to provide a power operation platform that you never need to think about and never question.

Our data center customers will hopefully never know when their utility power source has problems because the Power Innovations management system will take over immediately and the performance of the data center will not be impacted at all.

We are the perfect silent-partner for the discerning data center technology manager.

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Green Energy Power Solutions



Renewable Power Technology

With the growing demand from industry and the general public for green, eco-friendly, responsible power solutions there are many options to further both technology and methodology. Power Innovations are committed to an approach that includes these philosophies in the new products we develop and current systems we re-engineer over time.

As some of the hardware becomes more economically feasible the options for tapping into these sources of power become more attractive. Many businesses and individuals have power being generated on-site and need a way to make better use of it.

Power Innovations are developing products that will help their customers make smart energy choices.

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Simulation Power Solutions


Custom Built Training Simulator Power Solution

Simulation Power Solutions

When our simulation customers spend a lot of time and resources developing technically leading simulation hardware, they need a solution for their electrical power that is just as reliable and innovative. There is a requirement for quality controlled power delivered in many variations, values and in different ways. Power Innovations have the technology and experience to meet these technical and performance demands.

Whether it is the driving of electrical motors or advanced sensing systems, the Power Innovations solutions can make the simulation design complete.

We have customers in this field who choose Power Innovations as their power partner as new and exciting simulation experiences are visualised and taken from concept to reality.

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Mobile Power Solutions


PowerHawk Power Solution

Mobile Power

When there is a serious need for a large supply of electrical power (50kVA and more) the problem is not generating that much power, but getting it to the location. It could be a school, hospital or technology center that suddenly has a failed power supply. The solution is a powerful generator with reliable, clean, controlled power that can be taken directly to the site and connect straight in to the building.

Power Innovations produce trailer and vehicle backed 70kVA generators that provide just this type of immediate power solution. Simply keep the vehicle or trailer fuelled and drive it to the site. Plug in and turn on.

A power source on wheels is not a new concept, but the availability of clean, reliable power is often overlooked if you simply put a diesel generator on a trailer. The Power Innovations technology is what makes the big different to deliver the most power and maintain a very high level of integrity in the delivery and management. We are experts in this field and have helped many organisations to be prepared for a future power problem that is not now going to be a problem for them.

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Portable Power Solutions



Portable Power Solutions

As technology gets more reliable, safer and smaller the opportunities for being able to take personal charge of your power needs get larger. The desire to take your power out with you is greater than ever and with the growing list of portable applications Power Innovations are developing products to meet these needs.

So, if you need to be away from home and still need a source of reliable, rechargeable power, then our Gateway Liberty solar generator is what you need. With the latest Lithium-Ion battery technology, this is smart, efficient and powerful. You can power a lot of devices with 1500W of pure sine wave AC output from a silent generator that weighs only 44lbs (20kg). With a set of solar panels you can recharge the battery in the Gateway Liberty in only 3 hours (subject to the sun of course).

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Customization Power Solutions


MPDU Power Solution

Customized Solutions

Power Innovations can build a customized system to fit the individual needs of our customers. Most of the products we sell can be customized to meet the specific needs of our customers, but some products are especially customizable.

Everyones power needs are different, so our wide range of UPS systems is accompanied by a family of Power Distribution Units designed and built to meet the power distribution needs of our customers. The MPDU is a customizable PDU, which includes a programmable smart interface for monitoring, phased start-up, and load shedding in order to protect critical systems. We can also build Multi-Function Towers (MFTs) that combine battery backup, power distribution, and even power conditioning into a single cabinet for use where space is at a premium.

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Homeland Security Power Solutions


M-SOC Power Solution

Homeland Security Power Solutions

There is nothing more important that the place where you live – your home town, family and friends. Many of the power technology solutions the we design, develop and manufacture are designed to simply make life safer in your community for you and the public services that keep order, security and maintain health.

A lot of the technical features included in an emergency response vehicle are not made public (or good reasons). Power Innovations have partnered with some local and national emergency service departments to provide power solutions that make their equipment more reliable, powerful and safer.

We have some innovative miniature generators that fit onto the vehicle’s engine and can generate the same amount of electricity as is needed to run a small home. This then powers the onboard computer systems and a collection of emergency equipment when they are at the scene.

Reliable electrical resources are critical for many every-day applications, but none more so than those relied upon by the men and women that staff our emergency response services. We aim to continue to develop innovative, life changing technology that will help to make your community safer.

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Miliarty Power Solutions


AMPS Power Solution

Military Power Services

There are not many industries that demand such a high level of performance, quality and reliability as do the military customers of Power Innovations. We are required to provide the highest level of quality, design and the most effective solutions possible to deliver power products into an environment that is both physically and technically challenging.

Our military customers use the Power Innovations technology because they know it has the capabilities and performance specification to meet the rigorous demands of their missions and responsibilities. It is definitely a case of the evolution of the product that is the most fit for purpose and the Power Innovations products are qualified.

As many of our military customers require a level of intellectual security, we do not throw their names and details of their projects into the public domain. Come and meet with us to learn more about the types of work we can do in the military arena and the future technologies that could be yours.

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