Power Innovations International


The Future of Power

Since our founding in 1997, Power Innovations International (Pii) has provided power management services to our customers around the world. In 2013, LITEON acquired Pii and immediately made an impact on our global reach and impact.

LITEON is a company located in Taipei, Taiwan, and along with being an early pioneer of LED technology in the 20th century, LITEON is a world-leading manufacturer of power supplies, electronic components, automotive LEDs, and EV chargers.

Pii offers uninterruptible power supplies and services, along with power distribution projects and installation services. With LITEON’s global production capabilities and Pii’s decades of power management and expertise, we are proud to offer the highest-quality charging solutions, power management modules, and backup power products on the market.

Whether you are looking for next-gen EV charging capabilities or need a consultation for how to get the most out of your next UPS installation, we’re ready to help.
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