Chameleon ™

Chameleon System Benefits:

  • Auto-selects the input and allows the selectable output
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Load monitoring
  • Absorbs, filters, and regulates most transients and generator noise
  • Monitors and protects from any input line instability
  • Protects downstream equipment from input over-voltage or generator instability
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-temperature shutdown
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Product description

The Chameleon is a line conditioner and power converter for 120-240 VAC systems.

This unique system adapts to available global input power while providing universal standards on the output. It provides complete utility isolation, as well as high levels of transient and surge suppression, noise filtering and cancellation, and load monitoring. If used properly, the isolation feature may protect against electric shock.

The Chameleon is designed for global adaptability, protection, and isolation. It can automatically detect the input voltage and has selectable output voltage. This system uses a toroid isolation transformer to condition power and isolates it from the output current.


  Chameleon Manual

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