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EV Charging Solutions

EV Charging Solutions

30 & 60 kW EV DC Quick Charger

Pii’s 30-60 kW DC Quick Chargers work with nearly any distribution voltage, streamlining the installation process and lowering lead times. This product features a modular rack system that simplifies maintenance and eliminates downtime for single-rack swaps.

60 kW Mobile DC Charger

The 60 kW Mobile Charger is ideal for car dealerships and those needing flexibility in managing the power demands of large EV fleets. It can be directly plugged into suitable wall outlets and comes with industry-standard connectivity for fast charging.

All-in-One Level 3 EV Charger

We are hard at work on an all-in-one 120-180 kW DC Fast Charger – a level 3 EV charger that accepts a wide range of input voltages and provides output from 250 to 920 Vdc, along with an output current of up to 450 A. The versatility of this charger significantly lowers installation and maintenance costs and represents the next generation of EV charging innovation.


Pedestal Family

Our Level 2 Pedestals come in two heights – 4 feet (universal and heavy-duty SKUs) and 8 feet (heavy duty) and in single- and dual-charger builds. Chargers are hard-wired through the pedestal in these configurations.

Accessories (1)

Pii’s EV Charging Accessories include cable retractors, a charging cable adapter, and a cable holder. These accessories provide customizability and flexibility for customers looking to configure their designs for specific use cases, including an adapter that converts a car’s plug to Tesla’s charging standard.