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UPS and Power Quality

UPS and Power Quality


Pii’s Q-LS Series UPS provides quality power output from 10 kA to 1.5 MVA, built for efficient, clean, reliable power conditioning. With zero in-rush current and the lowest input distortion possible, this system provides five stages of isolation and conditioning for a pure, high-resolution sine-wave output signal.


The Q-MS Series UPS regulates impure and erratic input power with 3 kVA, 3.75-7 kVA, and 8 kVA models. It offers true galvanic isolation on the output, isolating the AC output under every mode of operation, and it is designed to be a light, reliable, efficient power solution.

Battery Systems Products

Pii’s wide range of battery systems and modules provide backup power for our Q-LS and Q-MS systems, offering clean, swappable power options for a variety of use cases and applications.

Repair of a powerful power supply unit, fault diagnosis by measuring devices

Our UPS Accessories are internal and external modules that provide users with real-time data, so they can make the most out of their UPS designs. The UPQ-NetAgent products are remote monitoring tools that provide critical system event notifications, and we offer optional environmental modules for even more customizable options.

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Power Innovations International is proud to offer world-class UPS Services and Support for our customers. We offer installation services, preventative maintenance, and technical support, as well as certification programs, so your engineers have the tools they need to keep your systems running in-house.