Asynchronous Transfer Switch

The Q-LS™ Asynchronous Transfer Switch (ATS) ensures seamless transfer of power. System Benefits:

  • Capacity of 10 kVA to 1MVA
  • Remote Power Management Options
  • Operating Temperatures -40 – 70°C
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Product description

The Q-LS™ Asynchronous Transfer Switch (ATS) ensures system uptime by providing seamless switching or transfer to a secondary power source if the primary power source goes outside a specified safe range. The ATS monitors two loads that do not have to be synchronized or exactly matched. The ATS uses advanced circuitry and a paired static switch to ensure switching happens without any interruption in output power. Transfers can be done automatically to ensure quality power at all times or manually or for maintenance requirements.

The ATS incorporates an easy-to-use LCD display and LED lights to show the power flow, and system status. Using MODBUS, the ATS can be remotely monitored. The ATS can be used to configure multiple UPS systems as parallel redundant systems, or to transfer external or alternate sources to a given load such as generators and alternate utility feeds. It can also be used for system maintenance when a device must be taken offline or removed for service without interrupting critical loads. The ATS also incorporates breakers which allow a more permanent load transfer status once the transfer has been completed. This can avoid any automatic transfers when they are not wanted. The ATS comes in standard ranges from 10kVA up to 1,000kVA. Depending on its capacity, the system comes in either a single-wide or double-wide cabinet.

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