UPQ-NetAgent 9

UPQ-NetAgent 9 System Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Web-server based
  • Local & remote monitoring, management, and control options
  • Capable of sending multiple message formats
  • Wide range of protocol support
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Product description

The UPQ-NetAgent 9 is a remote monitoring tool for use with all Power Innovations UPQ systems. Available as an internal or external module, the UPQ-NetAgent 9 can monitor the status of the UPQ and connected systems and send reports and event notifications. The UPQ-NetAgent 9 includes software to allow it to perform a clean shut-down of connected computers before battery failure.

This unit can also be connected to the optional e-Alert Sensor, which provides environmental monitoring. With the e-Alert Sensor, the net-agent can also provide monitoring and notification of temperature, flood, and fire or security events.

System Event Notification

The UPQ-NetAgent 9 can be configured to send notifications of specific events, such as input power failure or a low battery condition. Notifications can be sent through SNMP trap, e-mail, or (with a compatible modem connected) SMS.

Remote Monitoring Tools

The net-agent has a built-in Web interface to manage and monitor the system, or it can be controlled remotely using software solutions included with the UPQ-NetAgent 9.

e-Alert Sensor

The optional e-Alert Sensor add-on module can be used to add environmental monitoring to the net-agent. The e-Alert Sensor includes a built-in temperature and flood sensor, and the ability to monitor fire, smoke, and security (door/window) sensors.


  UPQ-NetAgent Manual

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