UPQ-NetAgent 9 Mini ™

UPQ-NetAgent 9 Mini System Benefits:

  • Comprehensive INTegral management with flexible configuration via web browser, Telnet, or SNMP
  • Event notification via email, SMS, or SNMP trap
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Real-time INTegral monitoring
  • Supports advanced encryption (HTTPS, SSL, SSH, TLS, SNMPv3)
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Product description

The UPQ-NetAgent 9 mini is Power Innovations’ network enabling device compatible with Power Innovations’ UPQ and INTegral product lines. The UPQ-NetAgent 9 mini delivers network monitoring capabilities to UPQ and UPS devices to monitor system statuses and events remotely utilizing several standard network and communication protocols. Using the UPQ-NetAgent 9 mini you will be able to monitor your UPQ or INTegral UPS and receive notifications when power interruptions or system abnormalities occur. You can also view input, output, and battery data trends over periods of time. Monitoring may be accomplished using HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, or MODBUS TCP. The system is compatible with the latest versions of SSL and TLS along with SNMP V3 to comply with strict web security policies. View individual system events using the intuitive web interface or forward events to you wherever you are using email or SMS notification (additional equipment required for SMS notification). The UPQ-NetAgent 9 mini is highly recommended if you want to enable a high level of intelligence and interaction in your UPQ or INTegral device. Setup software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux.


  UPQ-NetAgent Manual

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