Power Innovations International

Low Voltage Power and Distribution

Low Voltage Power and Distribution


Pii’s Multi-Function Towers are customizable power management and distribution systems, combining multiple SKUs into one compact footprint. They come with an internal PDU option and a slide tray technology that simplifies setup and upkeep, and they are available in AC and DC setups.


Manage multiple devices and monitor complex management sequences with our range of Power Distribution Units. These products allow for remote control, offer diverse outlet configurations, and come with multi-phase output options.


Pii’s Asynchronous Transfer Switch can configure multiple UPSs as parallel redundant systems or be installed for robust system maintenance. It also includes breakers that allow a permanent load transfer status, avoiding unwanted automatic transfers, and it comes in ranges from 10 kVA to 1 MVA.

Power Management

Monitor and control loads securely with Pii’s Power Management products. These products can provide network-grade power distribution and outlet control and are designed for global adaptability, providing remote management for nearly any system configuration.