Intelligent PDU ™

Remotely control and manage multiple devices. Monitor power, on/off functions, and intelligent management sequences. Features redundant/selectable input capability.

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Product description

Power Innovations Intelligent PDU Series provides network-grade power distribution, remote/local monitoring, and outlet control. An Intelligent PDU allows for remote management, monitoring of PDU vitals, and control of outlets and networked clients. Power status can be monitored over the network, using the NetAgent Management Console and the RJ45 Ethernet port, or locally by using the digital LCD meter.

With the NetAgent Management Console, Intelligent PDU outlets can be switched on and off to remotely reboot connected equipment. Also, scheduled power cycling of attached equipment can occur. Intelligent PDUs come in 1U and 0U rack sizes for horizontal/vertical mounting options. Models have from 8-outlet to 24-outlet front/rear configurations. Features include upgradeable firmware and an SNMP network interface, switch-free design, network-grade plugs and outlets, a power cord and retention tray, and durable metal housing.

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