EnterprisePlus ™

EnterprisePlus System Benefits:

  • Enhanced facility security
  • Comprehensive environmental administration
  • Extensive power management
  • System security
  • Exclusive revolutionary design
  • Expandable and programmable
  • Flexible port configuration
  • Multi-mode communications
  • Unsurpassed IP-based Web-page communications and control
  • Supports SNMP
  • Multi-processor control (6)
  • Comprehensive display
  • Modular design
  • Flexible horizontal or vertical mountable power distribution units (PDUs)
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Product description

The EnterprisePlus is the most complete and powerful enterprise enabling tool available. This device allows flexible, complete power and environmental monitoring and management for sites of all sizes.

The EnterprisePlus utilizes eight power control circuits to monitor and control the load, as well as to facilitate requests to reduce power use and/or enable intelligent load shedding to protect the power to critical loads. Our flexible system allows the monitoring and control of environmental conditions (i.e. temperature, humidity, water levels, fire, smoke, etc.). This powerful system also incorporates USB ports to allow video monitoring, as well as control and management of other USB devices.

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