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Q-MS 8 kVA – Power Management and UPS

Q-MS 8 kVA – Power Management and UPS

Q-MS 8 kVA
System Benefits

For larger requirements, the Q-MS 8 system offers full Q-MS features.


Q-MS 8 High-Resolution Sine Wave Output

The Q-MS assures stable power to connected equipment. The systems isolate, filter, and regulate impure and erratic input power to provide a pure and consistent sine wave output.

Advanced Protection

The Q-MS Series incorporates technologies that preserve the life of the system and connected equipment. Advanced features include:

  • Overload bypass
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Over-temperature shutdown

EMI Suppression

The Q-MS provides EMI (electromagnetic interference) filtering. EMI filtering eliminates noise that could interfere with the equipment attached to the UPS system. The Q-MS Series meets all international EMC requirements.

Branch Circuit Input Protection

The Q-MS 8 has an independent branch circuit for each input loop. In the event that a breaker trips or a short circuit condition occurs on one of the input loops, the other input loops will continue to function normally, avoiding a total system shutdown.

Cold Start Function

The Q-MS can be started independently of an AC power source by using its batteries. Special current-limiting circuitry protects the Q-MS from high inrush currents associated with DC battery connections on a dry DC bus. Ordinary online UPS solutions can suffer damage to battery fuses and DC capacitors when batteries are connected to an empty DC bus for cold start applications.

Phase Control Technology

The Q-MS utilizes phase control technology to regulate the DC bus voltage. This feature provides efficient and direct battery charging.

Harsh Environment Tolerance

Each component used in the Q-MS has been selected for exceptional durability and safety. The Q-MS can run efficiently in extreme environments: temperature, humidity, altitude, shock, and contamination.

Dual Output Capabilities

The Q-MS can be configured with a single 120 V or 220 V output, or with dual 120/220 V output modules, that can be used simultaneously. This unique feature allows flexibility for the system to be used in a wide range of applications.

Expandable Backup Time

Q-MS system batteries provide five (5) minutes of backup time at full load. Backup time is expandable with additional battery modules.

True Galvanic Isolation

The Q-MS 8 incorporates true galvanic isolation on the output, which isolates the AC output under every mode of operation. The Q-MS can accept a different ground between input and output, thus stopping any current leakage through the ground. True Galvanic isolation reduces common-mode noise that is normally transferred to the output from the AC power input source.

High-Frequency Design

The Q-MS is designed to use a high-frequency, highly efficient IGBT/PWM in converting DC power to AC power. This design reduces the total number of system components and makes Q-MS lighter, smaller, more reliable, and more efficient.


UPQsoft is Power Innovations’ smart UPS local monitoring and control software for the Windows, NetWare, or UNIX/Linux environment. This software provides a real-time view of the Q-MS system status within a standalone or networked environment. Displayed in a variety of graphical and table forms, the data gives administrators access to UPS system activity and a comprehensive history of power-related events.



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