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Q-LS 60 kVA to160 kVA – Power Management and UPS

Q-LS 60 kVA to160 kVA – Power Management and UPS

Q-LS 60 kVA – 160 kVA
System Benefits

  • Higher efficiencies (operational cost savings)
  • Zero in-rush current
  • Branch circuit input protection
  • Output phase imbalance protection
  • Smallest footprint and cubic space
  • Advanced isolation and conditioning
  • Flywheel adaptable


EMI Suppression

The Q-LS provides EMI (electromagnetic interference) filtering. EMI filtering eliminates noise that could interfere with the equipment attached to the UPS system as well as surrounding equipment. The Q-LS Series meets standard international EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) requirements.

Self-diagnosing, Plug-and-Play Modular Design

For ease in troubleshooting, all critical components in the Q-LS system self-diagnose. Plug-and-play modules of high-stress, high-voltage switching electronics make serviceability virtually effortless. Circuit trays can be replaced in a matter of minutes. Tray components can be serviced and put back into use while the system is running.

Branch Circuit Input Protection

The Q-LS has an independent branch circuit for each input loop. In the event that a breaker trips or a short circuit condition occurs on one of the input loops, the other input loops will continue to function normally, avoiding a total system shutdown.

True Galvanic Isolation

The Q-LS incorporates true galvanic isolation on the output, which isolates the AC output under every mode of operation. The Q-LS can accept a different ground between input and output, thus stopping any current leakage through the ground. True Galvanic isolation reduces the common mode noise that is normally transferred to the output from the AC power input source.

Eliminate Step-up / Step-down Transformers

UPS Technology’s Features:

  • Offers multiple voltage options. Input voltages can be different from output voltages.
  • Eliminates the need for independent input/output step-down or step-up transformers.
  • Input: Provides international compatibility for global applications.
  • Output: Allows for multiple and simultaneous output voltages.


  • Variable input & output power configurations (60 Hz, 50 Hz, 400 Hz)
  • Single and three-phase configurations
  • Active or redundant power configurations
  • Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • Inline voltage and frequency converters
  • Twelve-pulse rectifier available in 10-60 kVA (standard in larger systems)
  • Parallel and serial emergency power OFF (EPO)

Harsh Environment Tolerance

Each component used in the Q-LS Series has been selected for exceptional durability and safety. The Q-LS Series can run efficiently in extreme environments: temperature, humidity, altitude, shock, and contamination.

Multi-CPU Design

The Q-LS provides redundancy of all critical functions by utilizing several CPUs on the control board. If one of the CPUs fails, the other CPUs will continue to operate so that output power is not affected.

Hot-Swappable Battery Modules

In order to minimize system downtime, battery modules can be swapped and serviced while the system is running.

Intelligent Battery Charger

The Q-LS Series battery charger features user-selectable charging levels (Low/Med/Hi), depending on the Ah of the battery. The Q-LS system will automatically boost the charge to the battery as needed. This boost charge allows the batteries to charge at a quicker rate and keeps them in their best condition. To avoid overcharging the battery, the boost charge will stop when the ambient temperature is over 35°C (95°F).

Automatic Battery Test

The Q-LS will automatically test the batteries after every boost charge. This test is initiated by a battery discharge or after one month has elapsed since the last test. The Q-LS system will notify the user of the battery condition and will indicate when any of the batteries need to be replaced. This feature allows the batteries to be replaced before they fail.



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