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Pii’s 30kW / 60kW Quick Chargers Earn UL, CSA Listing

UL Certification

Pii’s 30kW / 60kW Quick Chargers Earn UL, CSA Listing


[American Fork, Utah, DATE] Power Innovations International (Pii), a global electrical power management systems and services provider and subsidiary of LITEON, is pleased to announce that its 30kW and 60kW Quick Chargers have received UL and CSA listings, demonstrating that the products meet rigorous safety standards and regulator requirements in the United States and Canada. 

“UL and CSA listing marks a significant milestone in our efforts to solve the most pressing issues in the EV charging industry,” said Pii President Ed Carter. “Our EVQC030 and EVQC060 models set the standard for performance, and no other standalone EV chargers in the marketplace offer the same combination of reliability and flexibility along with UL’s and CSA’s vaunted stamp of approval.”

Thanks to their versatility, Pii’s Quick Chargers are viable in several use cases, including OEM test facilities, public and commercial buildings, residential and multi-unit dwellings, retail and hospitality, and more — all in the same box.

“The EVQC030 and EVQC060 feature modular construction, and each component is built to exceptional reliability benchmarks. The result is near-continuous EV charging uptime and minimal maintenance,” said Dan Ellis, senior EV project manager. “In addition, these models accept most common distribution voltages without modification, reducing overhead installation costs for operators.”

The 30kW and 60kW Quick Chargers were evaluated for safety by Intertek, who ensured the products met requirements from UL and CSA, internationally recognized standards. The products will bear Intertek’s ETL mark (shown above) as proof of product compliance with North American safety protocols.

Pii’s 30kW and 60kW Quick Chargers are listed to meet the following standards:

  • UL 2202
  • UL 2231-1
  • UL 2231-2
  • CSA C22.2 No. 281
  • CSA C22.2 No. 346

“This announcement is only the beginning: More EV chargers in Pii’s portfolio will be undergoing testing from Intertek to earn UL and CSA listings soon,” Carter said. “Shortly, we expect our entire suite of chargers to bear the ETL mark as a distinction of our commitment to safety and regulatory compliance.”

To learn more about Pii’s 30kW / 60kW Quick Chargers and how to install them at your home or business, visit Pii’s website.

About Pii

Power Innovations International (Pii) is a global electrical power management systems and services provider. Pii offers uninterruptible power supplies and services, along with power distribution projects, installation services, and EV charging solutions. Pii was founded in the U.S. in 1997 and became a subsidiary of LITEON in 2014. LITEON’s global production capabilities enable Pii to offer high-quality EV chargers, power management modules, and backup power products to customers around the world. Learn more about Pii: https://www.powerinnovations.com.


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