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Press Release: Pii Becomes a Core Member of CharIN

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Pii Becomes a Core Member of CharIN


[American Fork, Utah, 07/07/24] Power Innovations International (Pii) is pleased to announce its acceptance as a Core Member of CharIN, the Charging Interface Interactive. CharIN is an association of 300 members promoting standards in electric vehicle (EV) charging systems worldwide. Pii, a global electrical power management systems and services provider, is a subsidiary of LITEON, a world-leading manufacturer of opto-semiconductors, power supplies, EV chargers, and key electronic products with manufacturing facilities around the world.

“Pii recognizes the need for reliable charging stations and transparent charging standards to support the next generation of EVs, and as core members of CharIN, we are committed to being leaders on both fronts,” said Nick Stone, Pii marketing, product & business development manager. “We are proud to join CharIN’s international membership community and the teamwork, transparency, and innovation it brings to the global EV movement.”

CharIN is a single point of contact for companies supporting EV charging and e-mobility to network, share ideas, and combine expertise. The organization fosters open exchange between all stakeholders on the potential to improve e-mobility and to promote the development of promising technologies. As a CharIN Core Member, Pii will contribute to the organization’s Grid Integration & Energy and Charging Connection focus groups to establish the Combined Charging System (CCS) as the leading standard for charging battery-powered electric vehicles.

“Good-faith information sharing is necessary to make the transition to EVs as smooth as possible,” said Dan Ellis, Pii EV product manager. “Our CharIN Core Membership offers a unique opportunity for Pii to collaborate with companies at all levels of the EV value chain to establish standards that benefit EV adopters.”

Pii’s EV charging portfolio utilizes highly flexible power input ratings and field-replaceable modules to maximize uptime and reliability. These products exemplify Pii’s mission to supply high-quality global power solutions, and they also support CharIN’s goal to make a lasting contribution towards a sustainable way of moving goods and people around the globe.

About Pii

Power Innovations International (Pii) is a global electrical power management systems and services provider. Pii offers uninterruptible power supplies and services, along with power distribution projects, installation services, and EV charging solutions. Pii was founded in the U.S. in 1997 and became a subsidiary of LITEON in 2014. LITEON’s global production capabilities enable Pii to offer high-quality EV chargers, power management modules, and backup power products to customers around the world. 

For more information about Pii’s solutions, please visit https://powerinnovations.com.

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