Every year that we go to I/ITSEC, we find ourselves amazed by the level of talent and innovation across so many industries! This year we were excited to show off the amazing capabilities of our 3D Design and Fabrication Lab, as well as an update on our HFC power solutions.

Here’s what else we were struck by this year:

  1. Mobile Power is Critical: Power Innovation’s Green technologies are being implemented across the Training and Simulation Industry. Our Gateway Liberty Solar Generator is being use to power moving targets, fog machines and other devices used on military shooting ranges. These shooting ranges are often not in a fixed location without site power. The Gateway Liberty allows the military a mobile, silent, and non-combustable power solution for powering their range.
  2. Small Scale and Silent Delivers Big Punch: This year Power Innovations featured  a 15’ model of a US Navy P8 Poseidon at our booth to represent our capabilities in building maintenance trainers for the military. It was amazing the amount of current and former P8 pilots that came to the booth and commented on how realistic and accurate the plane was!
  3. HFC Delivers Real Value: We had military engineers at our booth that were amazed by the virtually silent Hydrogen Fuel Cell System trailer. Many recalled having to bury diesel generators to reduce the noise! They also valued the ability to place the HFC inside the trailer and benefit from the smaller footprint.

Learn more about our Hydrogen Fuel Cell power systems or let us help you power your simulation trainers now with our QLS power management solutions.  Contact us at info@power-innovations.com.