Utilizing its state-of-the-art Mobile – Special Operations Centre (MSOC) and other specialized emergency equipment, a contingent of Westfield Police Department officers provided safety and security at the 2016 New Jersey Special Olympics Summer Games held this past weekend at the College of New Jersey in Ewing.

Strategically deployed inside Lions Stadium, the Mobile – Special Operations Center served as a logistical command and communications hub for all of the games’ events, including the stirring Opening Ceremonies held on Friday evening.

Additionally, the Westfield Police Department deployed its all-terrain emergency response vehicle with patient transport capabilities to the college campus.

Staffed by a Westfield Police Officer/EMT and Special Olympics medical staff, this unique vehicle was able to maneuver through closed and congested campus streets and across crowded athletic fields to reach emergencies at various event venue locations.

The Westfield Police Department responded to several medical emergencies involving athletes, not only at event venue locations, but also within their residential living facilities and even parking garages. Additionally, officers assisted with the search for missing persons and handled other public service calls.

“New Jersey law enforcement has a very strong relationship with the Special Olympics,” stated Westfield Police Chief David Wayman. “Uniformed law enforcement officers march into the Opening Ceremonies with athletes and present winners with their medals at award ceremonies,” he explained.

“We were grateful to have been asked to assist at such a special event,” stated Chief Wayman. “Our officers were able to interact with the athletes and were quite humbled by the experience,” he added.

Some 2,500 athletes participated in the 2016 New Jersey Special Olympics Summer Games.  Additionally, there were almost 3,000 volunteers and over 10,000 spectators present at the weekend-long event.