Due to increased airport security measures and Coronavirus (COVID-19), passenger wait time in airports has increased. Airports cannot afford downtime from power outages or power glitches. The nature of sensitive electronic equipment in airports and government facilities requires a higher standard of power quality than is typically available from utilities or from traditional generators that are used during power outages.

Power Innovations’ Uninterruptible Power Quality (UPQ™) technology enables on-site remote management, control of power, and backup power for specialized airport equipment such as luggage scanners and security checkpoint systems. Power outages and additional delays at airports due to glitches in equipment operation – caused by unreliable power quality or power outages – are eliminated by Power Innovations’ Large Scale (Q-LS™) UPQ solutions. Q-LS UPQ systems have been installed in airports around the world to deliver perfect, dependable, quality power to connected equipment – regardless of the quality of incoming power. Airport personnel can focus on transporting passengers to their desired destinations, while the Q-LS systems take care of the power quality and power security for their critical systems.

Power Monitoring and Control

Power Innovations’ Q-LS UPQ systems utilize UPQ-NetAgent9™, which uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to communicate with the UPQ system. This universal protocol allows for internet access of real-time power status and history reports. UPQ-NetAgent9 provides the flexibility to monitor and control power from within the security network, from a remote location via an internet connection, remotely via direct dial up, or from handheld devices such as PDAs or cell phones.

Adaptable to Multiple Electrical Standards

Power Innovations’ UPQ systems offer multiple voltage input & output options. Due to multiple levels of isolation and conversion, input voltages can be different from output voltages. UPQ system features enable international compatibility for global applications and eliminate the need for independent input step-down or step-up isolation transformers.

Custom Applications

Power Innovations enables the customization of products for critical applications and environments. Power Innovations’ high-level integration capabilities can provide a Q-LS system with custom features to protect your equipment and operations. Some of these features include customizable power distribution units (PDUs), scalable backup time, earthquake rated casters, and phase configuration options.

Extended Battery Life and Performance

One of the weakest points and biggest expenses of traditional UPS systems is batteries. UPQ technology solves this by focusing on controlled charging and load exercising of batteries to avoid battery deterioration and sulfation. UPQ DC conversion processes prioritize battery management. UPQ battery management technology extends battery life and performance up to two and three times that of traditional uninterruptible power supply technologies.

UPQ™ – A Next-level Airport Power Solution

From luggage scanners to other sensitive electronic equipment, power quality is essential to airport operations. Power Innovations’ customized Q-LS systems are often recommended where traditional uninterruptible power supplies have failed to correct problems or deliver a flawless power signal. Power Innovations’ UPQ technology delivers customized, dependable, pure sine wave power to critical equipment where traditional uninterruptible power supplies cannot.

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