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Q-LS systems have been designed with modular components for ease of maintenance; and, in the event of failure, modules can be easily replaced by trained /certified personnel. Training and certification of personnel are necessary as both power-up and service must be provided by trained / certified personnel to prevent damage and malfunctions that can be caused by improper operation, maintenance, service, and training. Commissioning by trained/certified personnel is also necessary to activate the Q-LS system warranty.

  • Service contracts are available from Power Innovations for Commissioning and ongoing maintenance and service.
  • Customer personnel can be trained and certified for commissioning (inspection and power-up), maintenance, and servicing of Power Innovations systems.

Power Innovations offers training programs that accommodate different types of users. Training ranges from product level training to comprehensive service technician training.

Training courses are generally conducted at Power Innovations corporate headquarters in American Fork, UT. There are fees associated with these courses. Travel and other related expenses are the responsibility of the participant. Power Innovations will provide training at the customer’s facility provided there are a minimum of three (3) participants, maximum of seven (7) participants, all travel and other related expenses are paid for by the customer, and that the appropriate equipment and tools are available.

  • Background in electrical engineering or electrical/technician service exerpience
  • Experience maintaining and servicing high voltage systems
  • Proficiency in technical service and troubleshooting electronic equipment
  • Complete the hands-on training course
  • Demonstrate Q-LS system proficiency by performing the following:
  • System power-up or commissioning
  • System frequency modification
  • Circuit board troubleshooting and replacement
  • System calibration and Instructor setup error diagnoses and problem resolution
  • Obtain a score of 90% or above on the written certification exam
  • Perform Q-LS system power-up or commissioning to validate the applicable system warranty
  • Obtain the knowledge to perform appropriate system maintenance
  • Receive authorization to purchase and maintain spare parts
  • Achieve the ability to make system repairs when necessary under warranty and non-warranty conditions
  • Gain the capability to provide in-house system support
  • Knowledge to configure and use the local and remote monitoring and diagnostic tools

The Q-LS Service Certification training is a 4-day course. It includes the topics covered in the Q-LS Operation and Maintenance training along with troubleshooting techniques, component replacement instructions and the following:

  • Step-by-step start-up or commissioning process
  • Advanced system configuration
  • Modifying input and output frequency
  • Configuring system to be a frequency converter
  • Detailed troubleshooting and board replacement procedure
  • System calibration including:
  • CPU working voltage
  • Frequency-lock voltage
  • Inverter wave form
  • Output voltage adjustment
  • Component replacement and specifications such as:
  • Fuses
  • Batteries
  • Detailed parts
  • Schematics

This course was developed as an intensive, hands-on, approach for learning how to correctly service and support Q-LS systems. An open book certification exam is given at the end of the course. The trainee must complete the certification exam with a 90% or higher score to receive and complete certification.

An oscilloscope and other tools are required to service Q-LS systems. Power Innovations recommends the Tektronix Digital Real-Time Oscilloscope with DMM; model THS720P. This oscilloscope is used in the class.

  • Technical training materials, which will be retained for future reference, will be provided to each technician
  • Blind testing will be administered to all trained technicians to ensure that technicians are properly trained and qualified prior to providing services
  • Technicians passing testing will be certified on Q-LS equipment
The Q-LS Operation and Maintenance training program is a 1-day course. It is designed to provide an overview of Power Innovations’ products and an in-depth view into operating and maintaining Q-LS systems. This course does not certify the attendee for commissioning or servicing of systems. The following are some of the topics that are covered:

  • UPQ™ Basics
  • System Topology and features
  • Installation, environmental requirements, wiring specification, etc…
  • Operating procedures, control panel options and settings
  • Communication options and configuration
  • Maintenance procedures and battery management