#1 Clean, Reliable  Power

What is clean power? Clean power is electricity that is free from voltage spikes and drops. Unclean power, or dirty electricity, can cause significant problems with your equipment, including electrical component failure, program corruption, and increased maintenance/repair costs. 

To deliver the cleanest and most reliable power, Power Innovations’ Q-LS Uninterruptible Power Systems deliver Uninterruptible Power Quality™ (UPQ™ ). With five stages of isolation and conversion, the Q-LS systems ensure the cleanest and most consistent power in the industry regardless of the quality of the input power. The Q-LS also provides true galvanic isolation and Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) filtering to eliminate noise that interferes with attached and surrounding equipment.

Power Innovations Q-LS systems provide quality power and backup for airport security, flight simulators, data centers, military operations, oil and gas exploration platforms, and many other locations where power is critical to continuous operations.​


backup power sliding tray

#2 Customizable Features

The best energy management solution is the one that adapts to your needs. Power Innovations’ high-level integration capabilities can provide a Q-LS system with custom features to protect your equipment and operations. Some of the customizations available include the following:

  • Variable input & output power configurations (60 Hz, 50 Hz, or 400 Hz)
  • Single or three phase configurations
  • Customizable Power Distribution Units [PDUs]
  • Inline voltage and frequency converters
  • Twelve-pulse rectifier available in 10-60kVA (Standard in larger systems)
  • Parallel and serial emergency power OFF (EPO)
  • Proprietary sliding tray battery cabinets
  • Scalable backup time




#3 Harsh Environment Tolerance

Each component used in Q-LS Uninterruptible Power Quality™ systems has been selected for exceptional durability and safety. Whether you are working in extreme humidity or at high altitudes, the Q-LS runs efficiently.​​ Extreme temperature & shock resistance certification options are available. Rugged batteries can be included for those who have the need for increased temperature variance.

From hot and unforgiving deserts to harsh marine conditions, Power Innovations Q-LS systems are a proven solution favored by professionals who need clean power in extreme environments.





#4 Self diagnosing With Easy-to-Exchange Modular Design

For ease in troubleshooting, critical components in the Q-LS system have diagnostic indicators that notify of service and maintenance needs.

Easy-to-exchange modules of high-stress, high-voltage, switching electronics make serviceability virtually effortless. Circuit trays can be replaced in a matter of minutes. Q-LS logic boards are serviceable and replaceable without shutting down the system.

Additionally, the Q-LS provides redundancy of all critical functions by utilizing several CPUs on the control boards. If one of the CPUs fails, the other CPU will continue to operate so that output power is not affected.




#5 Intelligent Battery Monitoring & Management

Power Innovations’ QLS systems feature advanced battery management and monitoring to automatically boosts the charge to the battery based upon user-defined levels. To avoid over charging the battery, the boost charge will stop when the ambient temperature is over 35°C (95°F).​

The battery management system in the Q-LS automatically tests the batteries. This test is initiated by a battery discharge or after one month has elapsed since the last test. The Q-LS system notifies the user of battery condition and if any of the batteries need to be replaced. To minimize system downtime, battery modules can be swapped and serviced while the Q-LS is running.


Need more than 5 reasons?

​Whether you need a rugged marine UPS system, real-time control of multiple UPS systems, multiple interface options, full remote management, input and output voltage options, frequency conversion options, or something else – Power Innovations can provide a Q-LS power management system that meets or exceeds your required technical specifications and delivers the best custom, rugged, and clean power.​

Contact us today to see how we can deliver an Uninterruptible Power Quality™ system that meets your unique needs.