Just over a week ago, September 15, 2020, the newest hub-airport made its debut in Salt Lake City, Utah—right in our backyard!

Salt Lake City International Airport Canyon Art

SLC Airport Canyon Art

The update and additions to the airport are exciting and reflect a bright future for Salt Lake City. The new airport is draped with new art installations like “The Falls” and “The Canyon” that mimic Utah’s natural beauty. The new 4 million square feet of space allows the airport to serve millions of travelers each year comfortably. Other features like an electric bagging system, a surplus of restaurants and shops, increased parking, and Delta’s largest sky lounge yet add to the novelty of Salt Lake City’s new airport.

Salt Lake City International Airport Security

SLC International Airport Security

At Power Innovations, we’re impressed by the measures Salt Lake City has taken create a greener future – including transitioning to electric ground support equipment and increasing the LED lighting. They have very ambitious goals to increase overall sustainability. Power Innovations is proud to be a supplier of the power cleaning and backup systems for a number of critical airport systems. We are excited about further collaboration in creating a safer, cleaner, and greener future.

*Images provided by Salt Lake City International Airport.