Over 30 million people in the United States are affected by power outages every year. Some of these outages are brief, but when winter storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, or service interruptions arise, the lack of power can go from hours to days or even weeks. When a power outage occurs, there is no denying the importance of having a reliable power source.

The Gateway Mini, by Power Innovations, is a 300-Watt lithium-based portable power supply. It is compact and lightweight with plenty of output options, including two USB-C, two USB-A, and two standard AC outlets. It has a hard plastic exterior, an ergonomic handle on top, an LCD screen, and a built-in flashlight. You can recharge the Gateway Mini with the AC outlets in your home or go 100% off-grid and ‘green’ by recharging the Mini with a solar panel. The Gateway Mini has pass-thru charging, which means it can be charged at the same time you are powering other devices with it.

Here are some reasons why the Gateway Mini is an essential portable power station to have in the event of an emergency.

Power and Portability During a Power Outage

The small but powerful Gateway Mini and solar panel suitcase is easy for anyone to carry, move, and position no matter much (or little) you can lift. While charging a smartphone is easy from a battery pack, the 300 Watts of continuous output power the Gateway Mini provides will give you the ability to run or recharge larger devices such as laptops, lamps, fans, or mini fridges. While the Gateway Mini can be recharged with regular household outlets, it can also be recharged with a car charger, or with solar panels. This type of rechargeable, lightweight, portable power is particularly useful if the power grid is down for more than a day. The sleek, rugged casing of the Gateway Mini makes it blend in well around the house, office, or professional event.

No Harmful Fumes or Noise

When zero-emissions are desired, portable power supplies deliver what traditional generators can’t, and the Gateway Mini is no exception. Gas or propane generators must be kept outside and at least 20 feet away from any structure because they emit carbon monoxide. Refilling a traditional generator is no easy task when there is snow on the ground, it is raining outside, or you don’t have an accommodating outdoor space.

Because the Gateway Mini is a high-quality lithium battery-based device, it does not emit any harmful fumes or rely on any kind of oil lubricants – making it completely safe to use indoors. It is lightweight (9.2lbs.), creates virtually no noise, and has no moving parts. This makes the Gateway Mini an ideal power preparedness option for home use, office use, or on-the-go scenarios like an evacuation.

Multiple Inputs and Outputs

The Gateway Mini has multiple output options, including two USB-C, two USB-A, and two standard AC outlets. It is capable of pass-through charging (You can charge it while you use it.) and includes a complete accessory kit. Purchasing accessories for a solar generator can easily add $100 of purchases to take full advantage of your device. That is not the case with the Gateway Mini. Its included accessory kit makes sure you don’t have to purchase or hunt for cables to connect the device when you need it. For recharging, the Gateway Mini can be charged five different ways: with a solar panel, wall outlet, car charger, 12V car battery, or via USB C port.

No Emergency Necessary

While the Gateway Mini is an ideal device to have during an emergency power situation, it is also a useful device for day-to-day use. Its sleek, rugged chassis make it a great tool for providing mobile power for outdoor business events or outdoor activities like action photography or backyard movies. The built-in LED floodlights on the Gateway Mini are perfect for illuminating your patio, porch, or walkway at night.

Simply the Best Portable Power Station

When space and weight are at a premium, but you don’t want to sacrifice on performance, then the Gateway Mini is an excellent portable power supply. Its 300 watts of continuous power output can keep your most important devices charged and operating. While more watts are always nice, those watts come at a cost – heavier weight. The rechargeability and portability that the Gateway Mini offers cannot be matched by a gas or propane generator. You will be hard pressed to find the features and staggering amount of port options that the Gateway Mini offers in an alternative power product in the 300 to 500-watt category. The Gateway Mini’s small footprint, modern looks, variety of ports, and lack of emissions make it capable of performing where a traditional generator or battery pack simply cannot.

Next time you need emergency power or portable power, make sure the Gateway Mini is at your side.

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