Yesterday was Tech and Inspection Day at the Rebelle Rally! The skies were clear with temperatures at a high of 70 degrees in the Nevada Desert – a perfect start to the Rally. Tech and Inspection Day is a non-score day or a practice day for the competitors where they can relax, socialize, eat provided snacks and drinks, and prepare for the competition. It’s the calm before the storm. This is the last time the teams will be able to use any personal devices like a cell phone or a personal map.

Take a minute to imagine being without your cellphone for the next 10 days. We can take this even further — picture yourself wandering through the Nevada and California desert with a traditional map and compass and no GPS. While most of us may not last a day, these women have come prepared and ready for the challenge. Power Innovations is excited to power their journey.

Power Innovations Rebelle Rally Solar Panels

Power Innovations’ Mobile Energy Command (MEC) and solar panels

Power Innovations' M-SOC

M-SOC from Power Innovations’ AMES Division

Our Power Innovations team is on site and setting up equipment at base camp. The Mobile-Special Operations Command Power Station will be the main resource for powering for base camp and will travel with the rally to provide reliable power and lights all through the competition. We also will provide our Mobile Energy Command with a 175 kW DC fast charging unit on course for the electric vehicles. We’ve been preparing for the Rebelle Rally for months, and we are so excited to see it unfold.