Welcome back, Rebelles! 😊

Rivian Truck Connected to Power Innovations MEC

Last night marked the return of the Rebelles to our GREEN POWER base camp since the marathon stage started on Tuesday. Now you can have some overhead light

for those late night and early morning planning sessions! While the sun was going down last night, we were busy at the MEC charging up the EVs in anticipation of a challenging day ahead.

The Rebelles will be traveling 370 kilometers today with 18 scoreable checkpoints. They exit Johnson Valley and head to Joshua Tree National Park. After that, they go around the shores of the Salton Sea and then back to the unique local of East Jesus and Salvation Mountain. The days ends in the scorching Imperial Sand Dunes where it will reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit this evening!


Mitsubishi Outland in Rebelle Rally

Rebelles have a literally “bumpy road ahead” with about 40 kilometers of pure craggy rock. Rebelles need to take special care of their vehicle to make sure they reach the final stage with all 4 tires! And they must watch out for the sand dunes so that vehicles don’t overheat or get stuck in loose sand! Stay on your toes, Rebelles and finish strong! We’ll see you tonight at #GreenBaseCamp for power and for your #EVRecharge.