Last night, the Rebelles enjoyed a night under the stars in Dumont Dunes—their first night self-camping without the food and showers of base camp. Traditionally, this has been a very special time in past rallies as the women laugh, eat, and enjoy the solitude of the quiet dunes.

In addition to the Rivian, Power Innovations is also charging the Mitsubishi Outland PHEV with our MEC – Mobile Energy Command – outfitted for the Rally with our BEV fast charger.  Check out the photo of our charging station inside the MEC! The Rivian R1T and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV are the two vehicles in the rally that require fast charging. Even with the competitors far from base camp, our MEC and the Power Innovations team charge these vehicles and prepare them to face Stage 5.

Mitsubishi Outland PHEV

Mitsubishi Outland PHEV

EV Fast Charger

BEV Fast Charger

Speaking of Stage 5, today the Rebelles continue further into Dumont Dunes and make their way south through the Rasor Open OHV and Newberry Springs to Johnson OHV area where base camp will be waiting for them. The vehicles are enduring brutal, rocky terrain today—quite the difference from yesterday’s soft sand dunes. The Rebelles will travel about 260 kilometers today with 22 scorable checkpoints.

Keep up the good work Rebelles! Warm showers, food, and POWER 🙂 are waiting for you at base camp.