Be Safe. Be Prepared. Be Kind. Be Green. That’s our motto at Power Innovations.

We’ve been busy with all four here at the Rally — keeping lights on with solar power at base camp and charging the EVs for this historic race. Today’s photos highlight the all new Rivian connecting to our all new Mobile Energy Command (MEC) that’s operating at the Rebelle Rally as a mobile EV fast charging station. We’re hard pressed to come up with a more “mobile” location than this Rally 😊

Rivian Truck Connecting to Power Innovations MEC

Power Innovations’ (MEC) charging Rivian truck

Rivian Team Charging Up For Stage 4

Rivian team charging up for stage 4

Today is Day 4 and what a journey it has been so far! These amazing women have faced over 650 kilometers of difficult terrain, flat tires, suspension issues, and scorching heat. These Rebelles are showing their grit as we near the halfway point in this competition.

Day 4 takes Rebelles through the Trona Pinnacles, the ghost town of Ballarat, and into Death Valley National Park. The Rebelles also go through Badwater, the lowest point in the continental US at 282 ft below sea level. Only a few days ago they passed Mount Whitey – the highest point in the continental US. Imagine going from the highest to the lowest place in the US in only 2 days!

It’s truly been a pleasure to work with the Rebelle Rally team and all the competitors. We wish them all the best on the last half of this amazing journey.

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