Happy Monday from Rebelle Rally! Check out the Power Innovation’s MEC – our mobile energy storage, delivery, and management center – charging the Rivian. We’re thrilled to be part of history as the Rivian, the first-all-electric vehicle to compete in the Rebelle Rally, takes on the vigorous challenge.


This morning, the Rebelles woke up in the Spangler Hills OHV Area, an off-highway vehicle access point near Ridgcrest, CA, and began Stage 3. Today’s course will prove to be the most challenging thus far navigation-wise. While they are covering only 200 kilometers (a fraction of the distance in Stage 2), the terrain is not only more difficult, but there is also a total of 23 checkpoints—the most thus far in the Rally. They will compete in an “Extreme Enduro” challenge where they must reach their checkpoints within a short window of time in the very steep terrain.


From Spangler Hills, the competitors make their way west towards Dove Springs where they will test their vehicles’ ascending and descending capabilities in the tall, sandy hills. They will return to basecamp by trekking through the beautiful Red Rock OHV area. The Rebelles are strategically mapping out their speed and time plus the awkward terrain to be successful in today’s challenge.


You can do it Rebelles! We’ll see you tonight at base camp.