Stage 2 starts for the Rebelles today after a grueling Stage 1. Starting this morning Team 129, Nena Barlow and Tana White are in first place in the 4×4 class with 208 points. In the X class, there is a two-way tie for first between Team 201 and Team 205. Today’s course has the Rebelles going through Death Valley all the way to Cactus Flats. Death Valley is one of the hottest places on Earth! Just this year in August 2020, it set the record high temp at 129 degrees Fahrenheit!

The Rebelles will trek almost 260 miles across the scorching desert with 19 opportunities to gain more points through specific checkpoints. There are 3 different types of checkpoints that afford different point values.

  • Rebelles must go through green checkpoints and they are clearly marked on the map and on the course.
  • The blue checkpoints are not marked on the map but are marked on the course.
  • Black checkpoints are not marked anywhere and must be located via map and compass only.

The Rebelles can expect to see lots of elevation change, scenic sand dunes, and rough, rocky terrain during their excursions. We wish them lots of luck today!