Robert Mount President & CEO

Robert Mount, President / CEO, has 35 years of dynamic, entrepreneurial, and driven results-oriented leadership with a strong track record as the originator, facilitator, and builder of world-class technology in the power industry. Bob is keenly aware of market opportunities and has a strong propensity towards strategic implementation of ideas and programs. He addresses upcoming market needs and trends with innovative and technologically sound solutions, and he is always ready to step up to diverse challenges to capitalize on new market opportunities.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Strategy, Vision, & Mission Planning
  • Sales & Marketing Leadership
  • Profitability & Cost Analysis
  • Products, Programs, & Services
  • Contract Negotiations & Strategic Alliances
  • Project Cost Management
  • Public Relations & Media Affairs
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Government Regulations & Relations
  • Team Building & Performance Improvement


Education: Brigham Young University, Drexel University:  Engineering (Electrical, Aerospace / Mechanical)