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Renewable Power Technology

Power Innovations has a clear vision for the development of Renewable Power Technology (RPT) as part of the modern Renewable Revolution. We are pushing the boundaries of both technology and understanding to provide products that really make a difference to the lives of our customers and partners.

The Renewable Revolution

There is a sustained excitement about the useful and now essential opportunities to harness the natural energy resources that surround us. It is no longer good enough to simply drop a few solar panels on a roof and think we are making a difference. The revolutionary spirit requires more than this and has the power to stretch our way of thinking, to challenge the normal approach and improve the way we do things.


Gateway Liberty – 1500W Portable Solar Generator

The Gateway Liberty is the lightest portable power source on the market. Innovative battery storage and charging technology provide long run times and incredible energy retention for up to one year. With 120V AC (pure sine wave), 12V DC, and smart USB ports, all of your power needs are catered for. The most efficient MPPT charging system is built in to the Gateway Liberty allowing a full charge in just 2 hours with the AC fast charger or in only 3 hours with solar panels (4 x 100W). The full color LED display lets you monitor your battery capacity, charging and power functions at all times. If you need to jump start your vehicle, illuminate a work or camp site, run your critical appliances, or just charge your phone – the Gateway Liberty will do it all!


Nexus Grid Independent Power Manager

The NEXUS is the stand-alone solution for a home owner who wants to generate power with solar panels, store the power and then choose when they use it. This system works alongside but is not tied to the utility grid and will run seemlessly during a power-cut. A NEXUS system will also condition and clean the power if ever there are glitches, surges or faults on the line. With a connected battery rack it is an unninteruptable power supply while offering you the options to manage how your stored power is used at ather times.
You can install this system in a home or cabin that is remote with no utility grid supply or in a town home that may or may not already have solar panels.
Choose the size of solar generation and storage capacity to suite your budget and power demands and expand your system over time as needed.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are very common and for a domestic application they often represent a significant investment. So it pays to make sure that you can get the most power from your panels in the least amount of roof space – you can always add more panels in the future.
Power Innovations source and supply some of the most efficient PV solar panels for both domestic and commercial use. We also design and manufacture some of the most efficient electronic control systems for these solar panels to make sure that you can convert the most amount of solar energy into electricity as possible.


There are a number of common types of battery available for home and business power storage. Power Innovations have years of design and development work with all types of storage battery and are happy to make recommendations and supply the best batteries for your power system.

Hydrogen Generation, Storage and Conversation

The next phase in renewable source and electricity generation is to use hydrogen. There is a plentiful supply of water that can be used to extract the hydrogen from. This is then stored under pressure and then provides the source fuel for what is know as a Hydrogen Fuel Cell. This HFC is the tool that generates the electricity and an additional amount of heat. We then take the heat and electricity and condition them to meet the needs of the home or business.
Solar power is ideal as a source of the electricity to start this while process off and run the hydrogen extraction equipment. So, with a supply of sunshine and water you are ready to generate significant amounts of power.

What Now?

Come and visit us at one of the trade shows/exhibitions we attend or come along and see our showroom installation. Either way, get in touch and see how we can help you make the most of the current and arriving renewable power technologies.