Prepped and ready to go, the excitement begins! Today marks Day 1 of the Rebelle Rally, and the 5th year of the competition which includes more than 36 teams from 69 cities. Rebelle Rally 2020 is the inaugural year for the entrance of all electric vehicles. Power Innovations is in the desert, on site, supplying power to these electric vehicles and base camp. Yes, in the middle of the desert with no plugs or utility connections! How is this possible? As a company we provide critical power solutions, in this case, we’re bringing it on wheels and setting up a totally independent community/ camp in the rugged West. We are generating enough power to run 32 homes and even high power DC Fast Charging.

The Rebelles were given a satellite phone as well as trackers so they can mark their checkpoints and give exact GPS location to event personnel, in case of emergency. Day 1 is meant to be an easier day for the Rebelles before their arduous journey. The trackers will also allow us to monitor their progress. Seeing the teams travel as they hit their check points on the live-tracking feature on the Rebelle Rally website is exciting and helps us feel that we are part of their journey. These ladies are off to a great start!

Our Power Innovations team is on the ground, not only powering the electric vehicles, but also Base Camp. One of the ways that we do this is through our solar panels. The key to our solar success is through the Nexus ST 6000. The Nexus is a 6kVA Solar Invertor/Charger. The Nexus is the stand-alone solution to generate power with solar panels, store the power and then choose when to use it. This works alongside, but is not tied to, the utility grid and will run seamlessly during a power outage. With a connected battery, it is an uninterruptible power supply while offering you the options to manage how your power is used. The only thing that our Power Innovations team needs to worry about is making sure that the solar panels are clean from the desert dust and that they can harness all that beautiful solar energy!

Our best wishes and luck to all the Rebelles starting the competition today!