Hydrogen Green City Future

The Future of Hydrogen

It’s the year 2050

You step outside your house and wave at the postal carrier as he drives by. It’s sunny out, and the trees around you sway from a light breeze. You can see the community windmills spinning in the distance, complimented by rows of giant solar panels. Briefcase in hand, you step into your electric car, turn it on, and make your way downtown.

Your vehicle is soundless, making your commute smooth and peaceful. The traffic around you is equally discrete. Buses and trains glide briskly from stop to stop, picking up conscientious passengers and carrying them to their destinations without any carbon emissions. The roadway is full of autonomous cars, taxis and buses. As you navigate through the city center, you notice people enjoying the morning in the community garden.

On the surface it looks like a normal park– beautifully landscaped with trees, flowers, boulders, ponds and bridges– surrounding a very sizable greenhouse. There are children playing and birds chirping. It’s an appealing location, but nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Wind Turbines

Power + Plants = Power Plant

As it turns out, this balmy venue is your city’s power center. Underground, beneath the garden area, dozens of Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers work efficiently and without any pollutants to power the city’s electrical grid. Thousands of megawatts of power are emitted from this centralized location every day, going on to power streetlights, businesses and smart homes within the city.

The only byproducts of this chemical process- water and heat- are immediately used to help plants grow within the greenhouse. Flowers, herbs and vegetables are in the perfect environment to grow all year long, making this community greenhouse a shared source of nutrition and beauty for the city and surrounding areas. Thanks to significant reductions in air pollution, food and lifestyles have become much healthier over the last few decades.

Renewable Greenhouse

Hydrogen City, USA

Other cars pull to the side of the road to recharge at one of the city’s many convenient stations, where cars are recharged by HFC fast charge. Now that EV charging is so fast and efficient, citizens no longer need to upgrade their homes to include chargers. In a matter of minutes these cars are charged and back on the road. Having recharged the week before, you drive on, appreciative of your car’s 300+ mile range.

You glance to the left and see several datacenters, which are also run by hydrogen fuel cell technology and now produce no emissions. The data stored here is critical to the city’s enterprise, cloud and communications networks.

To the right, you notice an array of production facilities for chemical processing, steel production, and power. These industrial giants are on the front lines of a booming local economy. With higher efficiency, reduced emissions and no combustion, noise or vibrations, these robust compounds are a welcome addition to the city.

Passing the city office buildings, you spot a small crowd of people outside. They must be getting together for a weekly event at the community center. All of the activities here give the community a sense of unity, and it feels good knowing that it is all powered from fuel cells. The nearby hospital, police station and fire station, also running completely off the grid, help the community feel safe and secure.

Hydrogen Powered City

Here’s to the Future

After a productive day at work you return home, passing the same carbon-free facilities as before. This time, the sun is going down and the wind has stopped. The windmills on the outskirts of town aren’t spinning, but that doesn’t worry you.

You know that the city utilizes natural wind, solar and hydropower resources to create hydrogen gas, and also has a fast and safe H2 storage system for when these resources are not available.

You roll into your driveway, park, and walk in the front door. Your home is warm, and your kids are happy to see you. As you look fondly into their eyes, you are excited for what the future will bring. The most abundant resource in the Universe has become one of the most valuable. You rest easy that night, confident that the hydrogen life you’re living today will provide a cleaner and safer future for generations to come.

Renewable Energy Neighborhood

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