Power Innovations’ heavy-duty EV charger pedestals and cable retractors are made with galvanized steel for long lifetimes. They are offered in both single and dual charger configurations ideal for commercial buildings, fleet depots, multi-unit dwellings, retail, and hospitality.


+Heavy-duty, long lifetime operation
The galvanized steel construction is NEMA-3R-rated for long lifetimes and weatherproof installation.  The optional retractors offer lifetimes of over 5000 cycles.
+Can fit range of Level 2 EV chargers
Rest easy knowing that our pedestals can accommodate many common Level 2 chargers in either a single or dual setup, including up to two 19.2 kW rated chargers.

 4' Pedestals

Pii's 4-foot pedestals are robust, easy to install, and compact - making them ideal for parking lots and garages.

 8' Pedestals

Our heavy-duty 8-foot pedestals offer the ability to install retractors for easy cable management.

Cable Retractors

These EV charger cable retractors can either be ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted, and they are suitable for a wide range of charging cable diameters (from 32- to 80 A-rated cables).
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