Whether you need power and systems integration for flight simulators or a real-world maintenance trainer, Power Innovations has the experience you need to deliver on-time and within budget.

For Flight Simulator Power and Integration, we have been building custom power solutions for defense contractors and the military for more than a decade. Why? Our customers trust us to use our integration experience and innovation mindset to solve the hard problems – like delivering clean consistent power to flight simulators anywhere in the world! That means we have provided solutions in extreme hot and cold environments and a wide range of international power standards, as well as circumstances where the power not only needs to be flawless. but also have no to low noise and environmentals.

For our Custom Aircraft Maintenance Trainers, we have put our integration skills to the test when building custom aircraft maintenance trainers. Keeping the cost down was a critical part of the project and Power Innovations delivered on-schedule and within budget. We provided a complete ranges of services, including:

  • Creating a model of the area of the airframe where the training will take place
  • Making cost decisions as to what parts of the plane to create in high fidelity or low fidelity mote
  • Designing and building massive support frames
  • Sourcing parts of the airplane from “boneyards” if possible and cleaning/reconditioning parts
  • Designing and printing 3D parts, foam mockups, and fiber glass mockups
  • Installing everything, completing the power system work, and testing all of the parts!

So whether you need a custom power solution or a trainer built from “scratch”, we have the team, experience, and equipment you need.

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