Rapid Charging Package


***Price above is for U.S. Residents. If you are located outside the U.S., please contact us for further pricing details***


Power  1500 Watts (continuous)
2000 Watts (peak – 2600W for 1 second and 1700W for 1 minute
Weight  20.5kg (45.2lbs)
Dimensions  Width – 508mm (20″)
Depth – 353mm (13.9″)
Height – 312mm (12.3″)
Charging  Solar – 3.5 hours (with 4 x 100W panels)
AC (normal) – 9 hours
AC (fast charger) – 2hours
DC Input  15V to 32V DC (12 V Solar Panel)
DC Input Current  MAX 40A (25A per connector)
Output  120V AC x 2
12V DC x 2 (Anderson MAX Output Current is 30A with replaceable fuse)
5V DC (USB) (2 x 2.1A and 2 x 1A)
Battery  LiFePo4 (780 W/Hr)
TFT Full Feature Display  Battery Capacity, Load, Discharge/Recharge Time Estimate, Status Indicators
Application  Emergency – Preppers, emergency services, home, vehicles, boats
Portable – Camping, hunting, fishing, remote site, marine, workshop, events
Critical – UPS, medical equipment, home office, security, access control
Green – Solar/wind/mechanical charging, off-grid


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Product description

The Gateway Liberty is the lightest portable power source on the market. Innovative battery storage and charging technology provide long run times and incredible energy retention for up to one year. With 120V AC (pure sine wave), 12V DC, and smart USB ports, all of your power needs are catered for. The most efficient MPPT charging system is built in to the Gateway Liberty allowing a full charge in just 2 hours with the AC fast charger or in only 3 hours with solar panels (4 x 100W). The full color TFT display lets you monitor your battery capacity, charging and power functions at all times. If you need to jump start your vehicle, illuminate a work or camp site, run your critical appliances, or just charge your phone – the Gateway Liberty will do it all!

Gateway Liberty typical run times

When you use your Gateway Liberty to power your critical appliances here are some guidelines for the typical run times you can expect.

Washing Machine
Washer, 500W
1.5 hours
Microwave , 1000W
Power Tools
Power tools, 1000W
Stereo 60W
12 hours
Food Blender
Food blender 300W
2.5 hours
Desktop PC
Desktop PC 100W
7 hours
LCD TV 42” 220W
3 hours
Games Console
Games Console 100W
7 hours
Pedestal Fan
Pedestal fan 60W
12 hours
Fridge Freezer
Fridge/freezer 100W
18 hours
Phone Charger
Phone charger 5W
6 Days
Tablet charger
Tablet charger 10W
3 days
Laptop charger
Laptop PC 60W
12 hours
LED Light
LED light 18W
40 hours
Clock Radio
Clock radio 10W
3 days

Note: This information is given as a guide and run times are based on continuous use with the appliance running at 100%. Appliance power consumption will vary depending on actual rating and usage environment. Certain items (low power or intermittent usage), when powered by Gateway Liberty and attached solar panels may run perpetually. (i.e. cell phone, low energy lighting, laptop, tablets, refrigerators).


Product Downloads

  Gateway Liberty Manual
  Gateway Liberty Brochure

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