Q-LSM ™ – Power Management + UPS

Q-LSM System Benefits:

  • ABS / DNV type approval (pending)
  • Resilient to harsh marine salt environment
    – Conformal coated components
    – Special processing and painting on all metal
  • Front access to all input and output connections
  • Active or redundant power configurations
  • Top and bottom gland plate access
  • Tie-down options designed for armored marine cables
  • Inverter operating temperature of -5°C to 60°C
  • Patented sliding tray battery cabinets  -40°C to 80°C environments
  • 901D compliant: 12-inch drop / hardened chassis for maximum durability (available)
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Product description

The Q-LSM is a marine environment hardened LS-series Uninterruptible Power Quality™ (UPQ™) with all the features and benefits of the Q-LS in a shock-resistant, corrosion-resistant configuration. The Q-LSM has been designed to withstand vibrations and filter out interference typical to ship-based power systems. Both the Q-LSM and the Q-LSM-ST Battery Modules can be customized for individual power needs.

Power Innovations has developed a special cable shock isolation system capable of withstanding a 12-inch drop for installation in moveable DNV or ISO containers. The Q-LSM has been designed to meet 901D Grade B shock and shipboard vibration standards and has protective pain and conformal coating on the electronics to resist corrosion.


  Q-LS Touchscreen Manual

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