Q-LS-ST A/B ™ – Battery Module

Q-LS-ST A/B System Benefits:

  • Scalable backup time
  • Uniform appearance with Q-LS system
  • Ease-of-maintenance, hot-swappable
  • Extended battery life and performance
  • Controlled battery charging and load exercising
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Product description

Q-LS-ST-A/B (sliding tray) battery cabinets provide expandable backup. This proprietary technology allows easy access for service and maintenance.

The Q-LS-ST A/B Battery Module enables the user to select how much backup time is necessary for a specific application. The external battery cabinets are designed to match the Q-LS series in both size and appearance, allowing for a uniform appearance when the Q-LS units and Q-LS battery cabinets are placed together.

The Q-LS Battery Modules come in two (2) configurations:

  • Q-LS Internal Battery Modules (for 10-30 kVA Q-LS Systems)
  • Q-LS External Battery Modules (for all Q-LS Systems)
    • Q-LS Standard Battery Modules
    • Q-LS-ST (Sliding Tray) Battery Modules


Data Sheet for Q-LS-ST Battery

Data Sheet for Q-LS-ST A/B & C/D Batteries

  Q-LS Battery Module Manual
  Q-LS-ST A/B Battery Cabinet Drawing

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