Q-70T Generator ™ – Mobile 70kVA Generator

Q-70T Generator System Benefits:

  • Easy Monitor & Control
  • Voltage Selection
  • Cam-Loks
  • Building Interconnect and Bypass
  • Exterior Scene Lighting
  • Compartment Lighting
  • Front Compartment Storage
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Product description

Power Innovations has redefined mobile power. Built with transportability and versatility, as well as adaptability, Q-70T Generator provides the utmost in power, design, and quality. From medical needs to communication and tactical requirements, as well as the basic needs for lighting, your agency/community can be prepared. When disasters and emergencies arise, power is critical to sustain life and safety. Because power has been strategically incorporated into T-Series Generators, you will be prepared when power is lost. Any location, any power need, any time.

With 70KVA of unlimited power capability, you can power large and small scale needs. To make this task easy and quick, Power Innovations has designed in many features for connectivity and control.

Q-70T Generator has incorporated receptacles and addressed remote needs with portable PDUs (spider boxes). The T-Series also provide large-scale temporary building power via easy quick connect transfer/bypass modules that can be mounted on critical buildings, allowing connection and power-up in minutes. Power unlimited with a well-designed way to literally “Plug and Power”.

The T-Series Generators offer versatility by providing quality power in a flexible, easy to use mobile platform. No longer is it necessary to order a generator specific to a particular building or application. The T-Series Generators allow output selection capability to match the needs of the job. The T-Series provide flexibility for connecting service and equipment, storage of critical cables, Power Distribution Modules (PDUs), safety equipment, etc. At the same time the T-Series Provide needed light for night operations within the equipment as well as the surrounding scene.

Monitor & Control

Full status monitoring and control from a single point. Monitor and control all generator functions with ease at one location.

Voltage Selection

Select the voltage requirement as needed per site/building.


  • Cam-Loks for quick building connectivity
  • Termination lugs for building hard connects
  • Breakers for safety and load control

Building Interconnect and Bypass

The building interconnect and bypass module allows quick power connection to any building. When generator power is switched to the building, the utility feed is automatically disconnected. Both generator and building power are monitored.

Exterior Scene Lighting

Equipped with (2) 20,000 lumen LED flood/spot telescoping lights, the immediate area around the generator can be well lighted for needed operations.

Compartment Lighting

Engine and storage compartments are lit for safety and convenience.

Front Compartment Storage

The T-Series front storage compartment contains the interconnect cables, spider boxes, and fire extinguishers.


  Q-LS Manual

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