Nexus – Grid Independent Power Manager 1.2 – 8 kVA

The NEXUS is the stand-alone solution for a homeowner who wants to generate power with solar panels, store the power and then choose when they use it. This system works alongside but is not tied to the utility grid and will run seamlessly during a power cut. A NEXUS system will also condition and clean the power if ever there are glitches, surges, or faults on the line. With a connected battery rack, it is an uninterruptable power supply while offering you the options to manage how your stored power is used at other times.

You can install this system in a home or cabin that is remote with no utility grid supply or in a townhome that may or may not already have solar panels.

Choose the size of solar generation and storage capacity to suit your budget and power demands and expand your system over time as needed.

• Pure sine wave inverter
• Internal battery charger
• Internal solar charger
• Transfer switch
• Detachable display
• Remote monitoring and control

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Product description

The Nexus Series is a powerful all-in-one inverter, which delivers unsurpassed clean sine wave power for all AC applications, both critical and non-critical. With its strong and durable design, the Nexus Series can be connected to an unlimited number of batteries to ensure the required backup time. The built-in 5-stage intelligent charger provides efficient charging without the risk of overcharging the battery array(s). The Nexus Series also incorporates a solar panel charger input for mobile and remote applications where solar panel use can be implemented. The solar charger operates in parallel with a utility source when both are available. The compact modular design of the Nexus makes installation easy and cost-effective in applications where utility and battery interactivity is required.

Nexus Features:

• 800W – 8,000W load capacity
• Unlimited Battery Expandability
• 24 hours operation on the inverter
• Multi-stage charger
• Compatible with both linear and non-linear load
• Controllable & removable panel with LCD
• Parameter pre-settable
• Supports solar panel
• Low DC voltage supports mobile and remote applications
• DC start and automatic self-diagnostic function
• High-Efficiency design to save electricity
• Low heat dissipation in long time operation
• Designed to operate in harsh environments
• Optional multiple interfaces cards are available.


  Nexus Brochure

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