Matrix EMM

MatrixEMM System Benefits:

  • Individual battery statistics
  • Voltage
  • Failure / OK
  • Battery pack temperature
  • Current flow (charge or discharge)
  • Current rate
  • Overall voltage
  • Overall capacity remaining
  • Estimated time remaining
  • Printable reporting
  • UPQnet-Agent 9 is compatible for remote monitoring
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Product description

The MatrixEMM is an intelligent ohmic battery monitoring system capable of monitoring up to 64 individual 12V batteries per DCM module and is expandable to 256 batteries. The EMM is designed for UPQ battery module(s) or any other lead-acid battery system. Ohmic monitoring is recognized by the IEEE and other battery experts as an effective means to predict the most common causes of battery failure, typically two weeks (or more) before the actual failure. To protect critical batteries, the IEEE recommends ohmic monitoring along with regular inspections and battery monitoring.

The MatrixEMM includes a Master Module (MM), plus one Data Collection Module (DCM) for each battery. The DCM measures the voltage, temperature, and resistance of the connected battery. The DCM then transmits that information to the MM. The MM stores and reports the measurements from each connected DCM.

The Q-LS Touch Screen offers a visual interface for viewing individual data and trend graphs of information from one or more MatrixEMMs connected to a Q-LS system.

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