M-SOC EL ™ – Mobile Command Center

The M-SOC EL has a base starting price of under $50,000.

Public Safety challenges are increasing daily. From local and national disasters to crime and terrorist acts, departments and agencies must be prepared to address emergencies no matter where or when they occur. When power matters the most, our M-SOC EL (Mobile Special Operations Center Entry Level) guarantees RELIABLE power with options that can be CUSTOMIZED to your specific needs and made to fit your budget. As a leader in green energy, Power Innovations also offers a CLEAN HYDROGEN POWERED customization to help meet your zero-carbon emission goals.

Our M-SOC allows an agency to be ready for any emergency or other event. We developed our M-SOC as the request of the US Department of Homeland Security and multiple Public Safety agencies. Each M-SOC platform provides HIGH RELIABILITY, VERSATILITY, and a variety of CUSTOM FEATURES and functions for agency needs. The M-SOC is designed for Power and Communications wherever and whenever you need it and can be adapted to meet ANY POWER REQUIREMENT.

While traditional truck or other self-propelled platforms require regular maintenance and can be unreliable, our M-SOC is ready when you need it by being low cost and designed for durability. The M-SOC can be brought on site by a variety of tow vehicles that will then be free for other uses as you go out to server and protect.

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