INTegral 153-1U ™ – Server Rack UPS system


INTegral 153-1U System Benefits:

  • Intelligent power monitoring
  • Uninterrupted quality of power delivery
  • Up to 7 minutes of backup power
  • Smart slot for communication/management options
  • Optional remote text message alerts regarding power outages
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Product description

The INTegral 153-1U provides 1.5kVA of quality power and backup in a small 1U rack footprint. For today’s server and rack applications, the 153-1U is the perfect fit for areas where rack space is limited. The system is controlled by an intelligent full-featured power management system with a single button interface.

Built-in intelligent power monitoring enables the automatic delivery of safe and reliable backup power in the event the normal power supply is lost. The INTegral 153-1U provides ample backup time to close applications and save data.

Receive remote alerts regarding any power outage with the additional remote alert module (see Net-Agent).

The INTegral incorporates a line-interactive topology coupled with high-quality, pure sine-wave output to ensure that quality power is always available for your equipment. INTegral protects you while remaining cost-effective, efficient, robust, and quiet.

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