Gateway Power Bank


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Product description

Gateway Power Bank is a multi-function power bank. It supports QC 3.0 quick charge technology, allowing you to charge your laptop, tablet, phones, and all devices ranging from 5 to 24V. It also supports the ability to jump start your car from the inside.


• Emergency home power supply
• Mobile power for remote businesses or events
• Power for outdoor pursuits (camping, hunting and fishing)
• Portable power for critical medical devices


• Recharge with solar panels or AC fast charger in 2 hours
• Run and recharge at the same time
• Retains stored battery charge for a full year
• Light weight and very quiet during operation
• Safe to store and operate indoors


• Certified lithium ion battery cells
• 120V AC (pure sine wave), 12V DC and 5V USB outputs
• LCD touchscreen and lights for nightime operation
• Battery level, charging and power level monitoring

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