Gateway Mini


The Smallest, Most Versatile Portable Solar Generator in the Industry.

  • Light as a cat – only 9.2 lbs!  Anyone can take it anywhere
  • Compact – barely the size of a lunchbox
  • TEN different charging options, including: TWO USB-A ports, TWO USB-C ports, TWO AC outlet ports, FIVE DC ports, plus ONE programmable port for the ultimate in flexibility
  • Built-in floodlight and flashlight
  • Charge phones, laptops, water pumps, mini-fridge, fans, TVs, credit card machines, lighting … and even START YOUR CAR!
  • Long-lasting lithium battery holds a charge for THREE months
  • Charge FIVE ways! Solar, wall outlet, car charger, 12V car battery, and USB C port
  • Complete accessory kit included– AC charging adaptor, cigarette lighter adapter, solar panel connector, USB C cable, DC power cable, DC power cable adaptor
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Product description

When space and weight are a premium but you don’t want to sacrifice performance, then the Gateway Mini is the best choice for portable power. Keep it charged via the AC or DC at home and then when out in the field use a solar panel during the day to keep the battery topped up.

At under 5kg, the Gateway Mini is easy to carry, move and position wherever you need it, It is safe to use indoors and build into a rugged plastic case.

For such a small unit the 300W of continuous power output can run both 12V DC and 110V AC appliances and keep your most important devices charged and operating. It also has pass-thru charging, which means it can be charged at the same time you are charging other devices.

Next time you need portable power, take a Gateway Mini.


• Emergency home power supply
• Mobile power for remote businesses or events
• Power for outdoor pursuits (boating, camping, hunting, etc.)
• Portable power for critical medical devices, and first responders
• Portable power for farming, ranching, and agriculture


• Rechargeable with a variety of solar panels
• Lightweight and very quiet during operation
• Safe to store and operate indoors
• Multiple output options, including USB-C and standard AC outlets
• Pass-through charging


  Gateway Mini Manual

Data Sheet for Q-LS 10-60

Gateway Mini Data Sheet


Shipping Info

Please note the shipping cost includes a hazardous material handling fee.

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