Q-Ops Bypass Box

Bypass Box System Benefits:

  • Isolated output
  • Auto line detect & load transfer
  • Status & function indicators
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Product description

Bypass Box

This unit enhances the manageability of the Q-OPS by maintaining electrical isolation, as well as allow for maintenance and automatic power transfer.

Using the Bypass Box with the Q-OPS module, the user may manually change the source of input power. The User may:

  1. bypass the load (traffic signal) to utility power, or
  2. use an external portable / mobile source to power the load (directly or via the Q-TOPS)

When the Bypass Box is used to divert power away from the Q-TOPS system, the User may remove the Q-TOPS module without disruption of power to the load (traffic signal) regardless of the input power source (AC utility, portable, mobile, or other).

Multiple Outputs for Traffic Controller Functions

The Q-OPS has two AC outputs, plus an additional utility tap. One output is routed via a Bypass Box and the other is located on the back of the Q-TC system. The utility TPT (temporary power tap) is provided via a NEMA 5-15 outlet for additional equipment connection. A terminal block is also available for direct-wired connection.

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