AMPS ™ | Auto-Regulated Power System

AMPS System Benefits:

  • Power is mobile, versatile, and high quality
  • Clean power to run sensitive electronic equipment
  • No separate fuel system or heavy trailer is required
  • Small footprint
  • Easily installed in both existing and new military vehicles
  • Does not interrupt surrounding commmunication equipment
  • Ideal for:
    • Remote operations
    • Base stations
    • Mobile aircraft ground support
    • Mobile air traffic control
    • Mobile communications
    • Scene lighting
    • Search and rescue
    • Recreational vehicles
    • Construction sites
    • Heating, cooling
    • Emergency medical equipment
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Product description

Auto-Regulated Motion Power System is a break-through technology that changes how electricity is generated. No longer is it necessary to rely on set speeds of engines, turbines, or wind mills to generate clean, quality electrical power. This innovative system allows the generation of high quality clean power independent of the primary mover RPM. When the AMPS technology is integrated into a vehicle, needed high quality power can be provided once the engine is running. Since AMPS is RPM independent, the vehicle can be in motion, or stationary. With AMPS technology, generation is now focused on efficiency and the application need, vs. the mandatory stationary, high RPM, noisy, and inefficient traditional standard.

Auto-Regulated Motion Power System can be easily installed on any vehicle, including personal ATVs, police and emergency vehicles, military vehicles, boats, and even aircraft.


  AMPS Brochure

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