We were honored to receive the Green Energy Development award at the 2020 Utah Business awards this year. The sustainability initiatives, drive, and performance of the Utah companies at the awards was amazing!

Traditionally, diesel and gas generators have been relied upon as a major source of backup power. Globally, governments are increasingly mandating a zero-carbon footprint. These regulations are affecting almost all aspects of modern business and domestic life. Data centers, and other large facilities, must now be designed – by law – to meet these environmentally conscious regulations. Over the past six-plus years, Power Innovations has tackled the problem head-on and established itself as a zero-carbon, renewable leader utilizing PEM fuel cells for scalable, modular, and reliable power generation. With user, government, and key partner input, Power Innovations’ has developed renewable solutions, from inception to completion, that addresses these modern energy needs.

In July 2020, the company’s 250-kilowatt fuel cell system made worldwide news in partnership with Microsoft by setting a new fuel cell record, producing enough electricity to power a data center load 48 continuous hours using exclusively hydrogen. To put it in perspective, that is enough clean energy to power the average U.S. home for a year. The benefit that Power Innovations hydrogen fuel cell system offers is that it produces no carbon emissions. Instead, its major byproduct is ultra-pure drinking water.

Some of the exciting applications for this award-winning renewable energy technology are:

  • Grid free charging stations for electric and hydrogen vehicles
  • Backup power systems for data centers, government sites, and businesses
  • Community power and microgrids
  • Job site power, heating, and cooling
  • Mobile hydrogen power generators
  • Large scale remote power containers
  • Sustainable public safety quick response vehicles

Hydrogen technology is playing a large part in the new clean energy economy and Power Innovations has actively sought to tackle the carbon-emissions problem by creating clean, safe, and scalable power solutions. The company is currently working with the State of Utah to reduce the communities’ carbon footprint, for cleaner air and healthier living.

We enjoyed celebrating at the 2020 Green Business awards and look forward to the exciting developments the next year will bring!