2020 will forever be marked as a time of trial that is forging a heritage of heroes. Whereas daily life has slowed down significantly for many of us, millions of men and women are rushing to the aid of those in need, in spite of – and in a direct effort against – the spread of COVID-19.

More than ever the world is relying on first responders. More than ever we are appreciative of their exceptional willingness to put their own safety on the line to save others.

It’s been said that there is strength in numbers. Right now, in the United States, nearly 3 million first responders wake up in the morning, put on a badge, and leave the comfort of their homes in a unified effort to rescue and protect.

This army of heroes is made up of trained professionals who utilize specialized equipment to perform their duties. The machines and devices they rely on can make a powerful difference in saving lives.

Power Innovations is committed to providing sustainable power for those who risk it all. We give public safety leaders an extra measure of assurance by supplying backup power for their critical equipment. Our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems deliver clean and consistent power in some of the most challenging settings – like the front lines for emergency responders. Our AMPS (Auto-regulated Motion Power System) enables any public safety vehicle to provide power for a variety of services in the event of a disaster, general emergency, or for remote operations. Our versatile and fully customizable M-SOC (Mobile Special Operations Center) offers complete operations and communications centers to provide reliable power and critical communication for first responders. These impressive zero-carbon capable M-SOC units can be powered completely by hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Full side shot of M-SOC   HFC in front of M-SOC unit Rear view of PowerHawk unit   Expedition with Police Officer

As we continue to innovate, our efforts are devoutly focused on giving our first responders what they need to power through any crisis.

To all first responders out there, we add our voice to a world-wide expression of heartfelt gratitude and respect. Thank you!