Today is the final day of the Rebelle Rally. Here you can see the Rebelles mapping their routes against our Mobile-Special Operations Command (M-SOC) AMES Power Station. Not only does our Power Station serve as a smooth surface for mapping routes, it also helps provide for all the power and lights needed for a functional base camp. We are happy to help where we are needed. 😊

The Rebelles are cautiously approaching Stage 7—the final day. Stage 7 will truly be the most difficult yet as the competitors navigate through the open sand dunes in Glamis. Today’s course was put together by Total Chaos, a globally recognized manufacturer that assembles suspension systems and accessories for off-roading vehicles, and they are not going easy on the Rebelles today. They will be traveling a totally of 120 kilometers with 21 scorable checkpoints in the dunes with temperatures at a high of 106 degrees.

Navigating in the sands dunes can be very difficult. There are no landmarks that will guide you in the ocean of sand. The seemingly endless hills of sand can mess with your depth perception, and it’s hard to know how high you are or if a big dip is approaching. The competitors need to be extra careful to avoid rollovers or sinking in the soft sand. The Rebelles are depending on their compasses, odometer, and instincts to meet their checkpoints and get back to base camp safely.

Unlike the unpredictable dunes, you can always rely on Power Innovation to provide dependable power. It’s been a pleasure for Power Innovation to be a apart of the Rebelle Rally. These women have done incredibly, and we are continually inspired by their perseverance and dedication.
Stay safe and stay hydrated Rebelles. You got this.❤️

Power Innovations Rebelle Rally