june, 2020

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We’re often asked “But how does your Hydrogen Fuel Cell power system get the Hydrogen?” Let’s take a few minutes to explore the world of Hydrogen:

  1. Production Sources: Hydrogen can be made using many energy sources, including wind, solar, biogas/biomass, and natural gas.
  2. Safe Transportation & Delivery: Hydrogen is transported safely through 700 miles of US pipelines and 70 million gallons of liquid hydrogen is transported annually by truck over US highways without major incident.*
  3. Product Amounts: Approximately 10-11 million metric tons of hydrogen are produced in the US each year; enough to power 20-30 million cars or 5-8 million homes.**
  4. Where is Hydrogen Made?: Much of the hydrogen produced in the US is done so in conjunction with oil or chemical production, and much of this hydrogen is produced in three states: California, Louisiana, and Texas.**
  5. Hydrogen is a gas at ambient conditions and is a liquid under cryogenic conditions (-423.17F / -252-.87C) Read the other 5 facts about hydrogen at Learn more about our Hydrogen Fuel Cell power systems and how you can get started on a renewable future. Ready to start today? Contact us at

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